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True story.

When I was in 7th Grade, I almost set an Elementary School on fire while trying to microwave a cookie.

I was working at the concessions stand during a basketball tournament (my team was required to work because the tournament was being hosted in my School district), and, because I was hungry, I decided to use the microwave to heat up my cookie. My teeth were very sore due to me getting dental braces that week, so I decided to microwave it for a minute so it could be really soft.

It set on fire. 

The smoke alarm went off throughout the school.

The sprinkler system went off.

Basketball games that were going on at the time were cancelled.

Everyone had to evacuate the school and wait for the Police and Fire Department to show up. 



fuck you if you think people don’t deserve food and water and care just for existing.

capitalism makes you believe you’re worthless without money 

so we believe people without money/possessions have no worth

and people without a home with a nice phone deserves to be treated poorly 

because if they didn’t have that iphone they could just have a house and a car and all those other things like you right?


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